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Apreamare is a historic brand of the Italian boating industry, known throughout the world for the construction of the typical Gozzo Sorrentino.
The company, which was founded in Sorrento in 1849 and has continued to pass down the shipbuilding tradition from father to son, has for decades made ‘gozzo’ boats propelled by oars and lateen sails. Motor propulsion was not introduced until after World War II, when the engines of the old American Jeeps began to be used to power the boats. Thanks to the arrival in the ‘80s of Cataldo Aprea, with his great intuition and foresight, the company began to make progress in leaps and bounds as it established its unique and distinct style.
The introduction of fiberglass in the construction of the hull and, later, of the variable geometry planing hull were the cornerstones of the company’s indisputable success. Within a few years Apreamare, together with the building contractor Salvatore Pollio, became a limited company and established itself as a brand of quality and excellence on an international scale.
2001 was a key year in the growth of Apreamare, in which it first achieved the status of limited company and subsequently joined the Ferretti Group, a world leader in the boating industry.
This fruitful partnership allowed the company of the Aprea and Pollio families to grow and establish itself in important new markets, and continued until 2010.
In 2005 Cataldo Aprea, after redesigning the Gozzo Sorrentino in an original way, promoting it from traditional fishing boat to cult object for its superior seaworthiness and aesthetic qualities, began to design a new line of boats. These were motor-yachts characterized by a flying bridge with a distinctive design, a retro rounded lines and vertical windows providing maximum lighting and a more direct visual contact with the sea. This was the birth of the Maestro series, whose name is a tribute to the master shipbuilders of Sorrento.
Today, a decade after its launch, this series is considered an undisputed worldwide success.
The range includes four models from 51 to 82 feet, the largest, the company’s flagship, being considered for its size and capacity as a true custom yacht. One of Apreamare’s latest innovations took place in 2011 with the launch of the new Smeraldo 45'', a more modern ‘gozzo’ with a less rounded lines, which preserves tradition while looking to the future by adopting new technologies, including the innovative IPS (Inboard Propulsion System) by Volvo Penta. Today Apreamare’s extensive range includes eleven ‘gozzo’ models and four of the Maestro series.
In 2015 Cose Belle d’Italia, through its subsidiary Imbarcazioni d’Italia, signed a multi-year agreement for the development of the brands Apreamare and Maestro.
This new challenge for Cose Belle d’Italia will allow Apreamare to reinforce its implementation of a development plan that includes the launching of new models combining tradition and innovation in design and technology, as well as its advancement in important new world markets.

Web site: http://www.apreamare.it/