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The activity of the publishing house FMR began in 1964, when Franco Maria Ricci decided to pay tribute to a great fellow countryman, Giovan Battista Bodoni, by publishing his celebrated Manuale Tipografico - a choice that was to mark the recent history of publishing.
The Bodoni font, with its sophisticated elegance, became the symbol of an idea of visual aristocracy that was to set a new model.
A copious iconographic apparatus and a partiality for features such as the beauty of the body of the script, a well-proportioned and harmonious layout and the finest quality laid paper and bindings form the basis of the most famous FMR series: Grand Tour, I segni dell’uomo, Morgana, Quadreria, Luxe calme et volupté, La Biblioteca di Babele, Antichi Stati, Signorie & Principati, Guide Impossibili and Vaticano.
In 2000 the group Art'è took over the ownership of the publishing house and, while maintaining the same intellectual level, enriched it with its own legacy of books characterised by an extraordinarily high level of publishing and the aggregation of the greatest interpreters of contemporary art and culture, the greatest masters of the ancient art of the book and of artistic craftsmanship and fine materials, giving expression to the richness of the content with unparalleled formal beauty. In this way the publishing house is able to safeguard the art of the book and maintain its original value, with each element of the highest quality possible, to guarantee a lasting heritage that can be handed down to posterity as a ‘building stone’ of the cultural and patrimonial identity of each one. Several new series have been created, dedicated to texts on Italian and European artistic and cultural awareness and heritage, illustrated by contemporary photographers, painters and sculptors. Innumerable collaborations have been set up with the most prestigious national and international institutions of art, culture and religion. The most important works are housed in libraries and the most prestigious museums around the world, and the work dedicated to Antonio Canova was chosen in 2009 by the Italian government as an official gift from Italy to the Heads of State participating in the G8 summit at L’Aquila.
In June 2014 Europa Investimenti, through the company Cose Belle d’Italia S.p.A., acquired a majority share in FMR with the aim of expanding further in the domestic market and increasing foreign presence significantly.

Website: http://www.fmrarte.it