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Laverda Collezioni

Founded in Breganze (Vicenza) in 1949, Moto Laverda is a time-honoured Italian manufacturer of high performance motorcycles. It exports worldwide and is the creator of a highly successful series of sport motorcycles which has contributed greatly to making the brand into a legend.

Created in 1970, the Laverda SF 750 was manufactured until 1975 along with the racing version named 750 SFC, a many times winner in races reserved for production motocycles and endurance races. In 1977 the company introduced the 6-cylinder Laverda V6 with longitudinal V engine, a motorcycle which was destined to remain one of the highlights of two-wheeled Italian engineering and which has demonstrated exceptional performance on the racetrack.

The company combines its pursuit of new challenges with an ability to break the accepted rules while remaining true to the style, elegance and tradition which have made and continue to make Laverda an important representative of the Italian culture in the streets of the world.
Laverda stands out as a bold, eclectic and innovative brand dedicated to catering to the passion of motorcycle enthusiasts.

The love of freedom, a pioneering spirit and a desire to ‘venture further’ have in the past generated emotions that today are once again forcefully re-emerging.

In April 2015 Cose Belle d’Italia acquired the brand Laverda for the licensing of the clothing, footwear and accessories lines.
The artistic direction was assigned to the company Alberto Del Biondi s.p.a.

Today these values and emotions are once again expressed in the Laverda lifestyle through the clothing, footwear and accessories collections.

The Laverda collections, in fact, have the same values: refined fabrics, designs and cuts, and sewing, processing and finishing techniques that recall the nostalgic ‘70s and the passion, style and Italian tradition of the period.

The look is bold and innovative.
Technical details blend with the DNA of the Laverda brand to create avant-garde clothing and accessories in which innovation, technology, style and passion are the main distinguishing features.