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Development Plan

Cose Belle d’Italia

Nowadays Cose Belle d'Italia is a Group of companies and brands able to narrate the Italian lifestyle in an emotional and unique mode.

After three years made of an intense acquisitions growth strategy, the development plan of Cose Belle d'Italia is currently in its evolutionary phase, aimed at further valorising the excellences part of it. From a Financial Holding model to a Media Company.
The momentum to make this crucial transition comes from the irreplaceable competences, goods and contents coexisting within the Group and walks some strategic paths:

Platform │ Cose Belle d'Italia will support and facilitate the growth and relaunch, both locally and internationally, of all the companies belonging to the Group and of the related brands of Italian excellence historically operating in the food industry, art and culture, fashion and design, navigation and specialized publishing.

Entertainment │ Cose Belle d'Italia will generate events, shows and cultural exhibitions focused on the Italian lifestyle, with the aim of becoming the privileged portal to access to authentic Italian emotions.

Sales network │ Cose Belle d'Italia will propose a new model of store in strategic locations, offering not only excellent goods, but also consumer experience immersive in Italian arts, music, food.

Digitalization │ Cose Belle d'Italia will build up an e-commerce platform for the sale of high quality. The digital platform will be the point of reference for a digital community grouping Italian lifestyle lovers.

Distribution network │ The entertainment and retail activities of Cose Belle d'Italia will be supported by an international commercial network able to favour the international development of each company part of the Group.