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Cose Belle d’Italia

Cose Belle d'Italia was founded in 2013 with the aims of preserving made in Italy excellences and intercepting personalities with common passion for the Italian lifestyle. Since that moment, Cose Belle d’Italia Group has been growing vigorously and with its unchanged mission of valorising the extraordinary Italian cultural and craft heritage.

Nowadays it aggregates 23 entities representing tradition, beauty and quality, and promotes editorial as well as experiential initiatives in culture, sport, food, design and fashion.

The classical music magazine Amadeus, the shoes excellence Alberto Del Biondi, the publishing treasures FMR and UTET Grandi Opere, the flagship of the Italian boat industry and the arts bindery Arte del Libro entered Cose Belle d’Italia in 2014.

The following year, Il Mondo Del Golf Today, Sci-Il Mondo della Neve and La Madia Travelfood magazines joined Amadeus into the editorial centre, new player in specialized journalism. Apreamare, symbol of the typical "gozzo" of Sorrento, and Antica Tostatura Triestina, pearl of the coffee tradition, also enter the Group.

In 2016, with the creation of Industria Del Design and the architects’ hub Maestria, alongside the brands Nerocarbonio and Laverda Collezioni, already part of the Group, Cose Belle d’Italia consolidates in furnishing, locations design, apparel and innovative installations for high profile initiatives. The same year, the Group founds its production company Bel Vivere Events and acquires the long-established magazines Yatch Capital and Watch Digest. The Group grows further thanks to the entrance of Feletti, representing the chocolate Piedmont tradition.

After three years, almost entirely dedicated to enhancing its companies’ portfolio and consolidating an efficient and innovative synergy model, Cose Belle d’Italia faces a determinant strategic phase for the completion of its mission: the move from financial holding to operative Group. For the future, big event formats development and internationalization and are among the biggest challenges of Cose Belle d’Italia.