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UTET Grandi Opere


UTET Grandi Opere holds the legacy of a great publishing tradition. The UTET publishing house is, in fact, the oldest in Italy. Founded in 1791 in Turin, it sprang from the business of bookseller Giovanni Pomba, but the real ‘founding father’ was his son Giuseppe, who had the intuition to combine the publishing, productive and distributive aspects together as in modern publishing houses. Giuseppe was responsible for many editorial projects that anticipated the country’s cultural needs; these include the first Italian illustrated periodical (Il Teatro Universale, 1834), the first Italian encyclopedia (L’Enciclopedia Popolare, 1841) and the first Italian language dictionary (first published in 1861). The goal of UTET (Unione Tipografico Editrice Torinese) is, now as then, to diffuse knowledge also among readers who are cultured but not specialised, through the publication of important authors. Today the mission of UTET Grandi Opere, in addition to maintaining the high quality of its publications, is to dedicate special attention to iconography and the editorial format, while the subjects covered refer mainly to general and humanistic culture. Icons of the tradition of UTET’s great works are the Grande Dizionario della Lingua Italiana by Salvatore Battaglia, the Dizionario della Musica e dei Musicisti by Alberto Basso, the Grande Dizionario Enciclopedico by Pietro Fedele and the collection of Classics comprising over 300 books. More recent additions to this legacy include La Cultura Italiana (2009), edited by Luigi Luca Cavalli Sforza; Ecosphera (2010), a major work dedicated to the relationship between man and the environment, edited by Niles Eldredge and Telmo Pievani; and Letteratura italiana - Canone dei Classici (2012), edited by Carlo Ossola; Storia d’Europa (2013) by Giuseppe Galasso and Letteratura Europea, supervised by Piero Boitani and Massimo Fusillo (2014), and Cultura del Cibo, edited by Massimo Montanari (2015), which was published in occasion of EXPO Milano and accompanied by a book dedicated to the history of the universal expositions EXPO 1851 - 2015. The series ‘Visioni Impossibili’ includes works produced using cutting-edge photographic technologies: Giotto e la Cappella degli Scrovegni (2008), Beato Angelico al Convento di San Marco a Firenze (2010), Francesco d’Assisi negli affreschi di Giotto (2011), Botticelli agli Uffizi (2012), Caravaggio, genio d’Europa (2017), GIOTTO (2017). 2009 marked the release of a series of fine limited-edition and numbered works: Musica e Amore (2009), Sindone (2010), Verdi. L’Uomo, l’Artista, il Mito (2011), 1861 (2011), Genesi (2012), Pompei (2012), Omaggio all’Europa (2013), La Divina Commedia (2013), Odissea (2015), La Bibbia nella cultura e nell’arte (2016), Giubilei. Spiritualità, storia, cultura (2016), I Vangeli nella cultura e nell’arte (2016).

Website: http://www.utetgrandiopere.it