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Vismara Marine


Vismara Marine (‘Vismara’) is an Italian boat and yacht manufacturer of recognised excellence. Located in Viareggio, Vismara produces tailor-made sailing and motor boats, using highly advanced techniques and original solutions to build its customers’ boats exactly as they imagine and want them.
Ever since it was founded in 1984, by architect Alessandro Vismara, the company has stood out for its use of pioneering technologies deriving from competitions, and for its constant pursuit of excellence. The company combines the use of composite materials providing high performance with innovative methods of boat management, all in the context of a modern and functional design. Milestones in the history of the company include the launch of Kirribilli, designed with and for the architect Renzo Piano, and Energheia, the first yacht with hybrid engine. The designs, shapes and solutions created by Vismara have always proved to be able to anticipate future developments in the boat and yacht market and thus continue to arouse great interest, curiosity and appreciation, thanks also to the company’s participation in all the major trade fairs, such as those of Cannes, Monaco and Genoa.
Vismara assists the owner throughout the entire life of the boat, offering a detailed ‘braintenance’ service consisting in the application of the company’s building skills in restructuring the boat and restoring it to new youth from the point of view of aesthetics, liveability and technological equipment.
In July 2014, Cose Belle d’Italia S.p.A., a company wholly-owned by Europa Investimenti, signed a multi-year partnership agreement with architect Alessandro Vismara, resulting in its acquisition of a majority stake in the company.
Cose Belle d’Italia will act as financial partner, reinforcing the central role of the entrepreneur in the management of the company, and supporting him in the realisation of an ambitious development plan that aims to introduce, alongside the ‘made-to-measure’ projects that has made Vismara famous, a new line of pret-a-porter boats that will concentrate the best custom solutions in a limited series of boats.

Website: http://www.vismaramarine.it