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Cose Belle d’Italia


Our company produces content, products, and services aimed at exalting and celebrating “Italian Beauty” in its most authentic forms.

We believe that “Beauty” is synonymous with the capacity to balance innovation with tradition, a capacity which has characterized every manifestation of extraordinary Italian excellence: in history, art, culture, and lifestyles.

We spotlight our unrivaled historical, artistic and cultural heritage.

We believe in a new concept of “luxury ”, far removed from ostentation: inspired by taste, knowledge and the freedom to live embracing the prestige embodied by the Italian “Good Life ”.

We are well aware of the extraordinary wealth of opportunity that “non-material goods ” have to offer in developing exciting business projects.

We are proud to be living in Italy and to be able to share our heritage with the world.

We intend to keep growing as a productive enterprise. We aim to focus on strengthening our identity around our core business to manifest our vision with a coherent and effective strategy.

We follow a dynamic development process for organic growth and business acquisitions aimed at showcasing leaders in the art, culture and Italian lifestyle centered business world, a sector rich with promise and potential.

We are at the helm of a network of specialized enterprises, working to increase the value of each individual company while reinforcing the synergy between them in view of creating growth and profit.

We employ talent, innovation and the latest technologies to better express tradition.

Our governance model is rooted in ethical values: transparency, fairness, attention to investors’ needs, respect for the people and business that are at the heart of our Group.

The art of the Italians is in beauty
Kahlil Gibran

With a network of over 30 specialized brands, renowned as touchstones of Italian excellence, we create and manage:

  • events
  • experiential initiatives
  • expositions
  • print publishing activities
  • broadcast media activities
  • products and services
  • education

dealing with two main themes:

  • art & culture 
  • lifestyle: sport, fashion, dining, performances, trends.

We provide a platform for the splendor of the great cultural and artistic traditions of Italy to be magnificently displayed by the most renowned art publishers - like UTET Grandi Opere and FMR – and through the most innovative exhibition formats employing experiential, immersive and interactive content created by such companies as Symposium.

Amadeus magazine promotes musical tradition, with a particular emphasis on fostering young talent with its Amadeus Factory, the first “talent show” dedicated to Italian conservatories.

Our art products employ only top of the line bookbinding craftspeople for Arte del Libro and actual-size art reproductions in extremely high definition of with Arte 1:1.

Through Art’è Ragazzi we create books, events and teaching materials designed to bring young people closer to the languages and practices of art.

We promote the notions of “the good life” inherent to the Italian way of living.

Through BelVivere Media we coordinate a series of 18 periodicals focused on such themes as food, sports, fashion, passions, trends, not to mention that our portfolio includes the Milano Fashion Library one of the largest specialized libraries of its kind in Europe.

We organize and host events and initiatives on both a national and an international level. Alongside La Madia Travelfood, we organize the Festival della Cucina Italiana, one of the most important food and wine events in Italy and, with Il Mondo del Golf Today Events we set up custom designed golfing events flanked by the leading Italian magazine in this sector.

We produce luxury items for both work and leisure designed by FMR as well as lifestyle products under license for Riders magazine for motorcycle enthusiasts.

We contribute to the culture of food safety through our Sicurezza a tavola project in association with La Madia Travelfood, aimed at preventing misadventures at the dining table.