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Cose Belle d’Italia

The infinite beauty born of thirty centuries of history has infused the Italian people with an inexorable capacity to bring marvelous objects to life, creations that inspire admiration, emotion and amazement.

Italy provides an idyllic platform where the wealth of fine art inherited from past generations magically meshes with today’s purveyors of beauty, not only in the form of industrial products, particularly from such sectors as design and fashion, but also from the hands of artists in the truest sense of the word.

As public funds are drying up while private fortunes are growing, a vast number of our “beautiful things” are ending up sold to the highest foreign bidder. In fact, there are wealthy speculators, both public and private, whether from Europe, America or Asia, that recognize the beauty that is an integral part of our very identity. They are haphazardly flocking to Italy appropriating more and more items which we, perhaps motivated by some strange form of jealous patriotism, would like to see permanently rooted in Italian soil.

The business initiative known as “Cose Belle d’Italia” has been set up as a means to intercept, however modestly, this river of opportunity. The project aims to accomplish this by directing funds towards the purchase, conservation, and appreciation of a carefully selected array of our heirlooms. Such items, due to their Italian provenance, embody our history, geography, culture, customs and inventiveness. They have been universally recognized for their intrinsic qualities as “beautiful,” and therefore “eternal,” as they are expressions of enduring human values.

The fact that this inestimable wealth, housed in a country seemingly incapable of truly appreciating its value, let alone safeguarding it, is the force behind an investment program aimed at the acquisition of beautiful things. This program offers a way to meet multiple goals at once: it can create profit for the investors while recognizing and highlighting the intrinsic value of the objets d’art and their inherent “Italian-ness,” thus providing a sense of ethical and cultural gratification to everyone involved and giving us back some measure of our national pride.