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Cose Belle d’Italia

Founded in 2013, the brainchild of Stefano Vegni, Cose Belle d’Italia emerged with the goal of upholding the excellence of Italian-made products, bringing together people and resources with a united will to spotlight the merits of the Italian-style “Good Life” and the amazing cultural and artistic wealth that nurtures it.

The first steps taken by Cose Belle d’Italia were towards the acquisition of resources embodying these ideals, both through expansion into culturally-focused print media (with Amadeus, the definitive magazine of classical music, and the participation of prestigious art publishing companies like FMR and UTET Grandi Opere) and by teaming with skilled artisans (like footwear manufacturer Alberto Del Biondi and master bookbinders Arte del Libro). Joining these in 2014, Vismara Marine, the pride of the Italian yacht-building industry, also became part of Cose Belle d’Italia, followed by two important names in Italian productivity, Apreamare (synonymous with gozzo Sorrentino boats) and Antica Tostatura Triestina (Italian specialty coffee roasting company).

The Group’s publishing portfolio expanded in 2015, with the inclusion of Il Mondo Del Golf Today, Sci-Il Mondo della Neve and La Madia Travelfood, putting Cose Belle d’Italia at the forefront in niche journalism.

In 2016 Cose Belle d’Italia further cemented its place in the world of design. With the creation of Industria Del Design and the Maestria network of architects, flanked by Nerocarbonio and Laverda Collezioni, Cose Belle d’Italia staked its claim in the fields of furniture, fashion and industrial design as well as in innovative installations. That same year, Cose Belle d’Italia consolidated its position in the publishing world with the acquisition of well-established specialized magazines (Yacht Capital, Yacht Design and Yacht Digest) and branched out into new activities, with the purchase of Feletti, historic chocolate-producing brand, creating its confections by the traditional methods of Italy’s Piedmont region.

Cose Belle d’Italia evolved further in 2017 with the constitution of Cose Belle d’Italia Media Entertainment, a company focused on creating multimedia content in the form of immersive exhibitions – such as Magister and M10.10 – created, produced, managed and distributed throughout Italy as well as internationally.

In 2018 Cose Belle d’Italia literary and publishing sector expanded yet again, as the Milano Fashion Library, joined the group. One of the oldest libraries in Europe dedicated to fashion, it also boasts the publication of 10 different magazines devoted to fashion, sports and lifestyle.

Today, after more than five years dedicated to developing an evolving portfolio and creating a synergetic model for providing goods and services, Cose Belle d’Italia is advancing into a new phase of existence, focusing exclusively on two areas: arte & cultura e lifestyle.

This decision will allow the Group to concentrate on promoting the value of its outstanding endeavors in the world of culture, art, and the quintessential Italian way of life. These sectors exhibit massive potential for profitable growth, as opportunities are constantly emerging for each individual enterprise to flourish in an ongoing loop of synergistic, overall increase in value for the Group as a whole.

With the constitution of a new publicly-traded company (April 2019), the first of its kind in Italy, dedicated to the business of culture, art, and lifestyle, Cose Belle d’Italia has solidified its role as a purveyor of authentic Italian products, services and content launched from Italy onto the global marketplace.

The current member companies of Cose Belle d’Italia are: Arte del Libro, Bel Vivere, Cose Belle d’Italia Media Entertainment, La Madia Travelfood and UTET Grandi Opere.

The Group operates through the following brands: Amadeus, Amadeus Factory, Arte del Libro, Arte Grand Tour, Art’è Ragazzi, Arte 1:1, BelVivere, Entertainment Illustrated, Equestrian Illustrated, Fashion Illustrated, Festival della Cucina Italiana, FMR, Il Mondo del Golf Today, Italy Illustrated, La Madia Travelfood, M10.10, Maestria, Magister, Milano Fashion Library, Riders, Sci – Il Mondo della neve, Soccer Illustrated, Sport Tribune, The Life Style Journal, Urban, Urban Kids, UTET Grandi Opere, Yacht Digest, Yacht Capital, Yacht Design.